About Us

1How many people work at Pouch Partners?
Pouch Partners operates from three locations: Baar in Switzerland, Eppelheim in Germany and Brunello in Italy. In total we are approximately 280 employees working in the production facilities and in offices.
2What does it mean Pouch Partners is part of the Capri-Sun Group?
When Rudolf Wild started developing his recipe for Capri-Sun in the early 50s, his goal was to create a natural kids juice with only three simple ingredients: water, sugar and juice. The stand-up pouch was able to keep the juice fresh and long-lasting without the need for preservatives! To make the perfect drink, Wild designed the perfect solution and so Pouch Partners was born!
3Where do the names PORTA and INDAG come from?
PORTA Imballaggi was and still is a laminating and printing facility located in Brunello Italy. PORTA was purchased by Pouch Partners in 2017 allowing us to extend our value chain. INDAG is the former name of our machine building branch, located in Eppelheim, building various filling and processing machines.

Sustainable Questions

1What makes pouches so appealing?
Pouches are flexible and therefore very pleasant and easy to handle. Compared to other packaging types, they are much thinner and thus lighter. They are unbreakable and offer a high level of product protection.
2Can stand-up pouches be recycled?
Yes, standard pouches can be recycled. Recycling takes place in a process that separates the individual layers and thus makes the different materials available for the recycling process. However, this process is very complex at the moment. This is why we introduced mono-material pouches and laminates which are recycle-ready.We offer bio-based foils in our portfolio as well.
3Can stand-up pouches be recycled? How do pouches achieve a long product shelf life?
In order to achieve a long shelf life, the barrier properties of pouches have to be optimally matched to the product. Therefore a high pouch competence is required, which Pouch Partners is able to demonstrate on the basis of its many years of experience. This is why we manage to combine little use of material with a long product shelf life.
4What are the advantages for companies using pouches?
Pouches can be printed over their entire surface. This opens up creative possibilities in marketing. Information on safe use, preparation and disposal can also be placed prominently and in detail. Besides companies can adapt pouches to any consumer needs in terms of size or shape. Last but not least, the little use of material not only saves resources, but also makes production processes more efficient.
5As a technical solution provider, how do you enable your customers to produce sustainable packaging?
Sustainability is not only a question of packaging, but also of manufacturing processes. Pouch Partners owns the entire value chain in pouch production – from packaging design to filling and service you get it all from one source. This enables us to optimize our customers' processes.
6Why are pouches sustainable?
Pouches are sustainable due to the minimal use of materials. In standard pouches for beverages, for example, far more than 90 percent of the total volume is made up of content. The product-packaging ratio could hardly be better. This is not the only reason why pouches are considered ecologically advantageous.

Website questions

1What happens with my data?
Nothing you don’t agree to or are unaware of. Check out our data protection declaration to learn more
2Downloading does not work on my computer, could you please help?
We would be happy to send the documents to your email. Please contact us directly through the website contact form or the emails provided.