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Our Mission

We believe in pouches as the packaging solution of the future. Pouches are the most compact, convenient, and nice-to-touch packaging format. Pouch Partners offer unique, state-of-the-art  total pouch solutions.

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Our Passion

Pouches are the future. No other type of packaging has seen stronger growth. Pouches provide numerous advantages over other types of packaging for manufacturers and consumers.

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Our Experience

Every year, Pouch Partners’ machines process over seven billion stand-up pouches worldwide. Our customers benefit from over five decades of experience in the production of pouches.

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Total Pouch Solutions

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Pouch Partners Value Chain
High-performance pouch fill and seal machines Foil printing and laminates Pre-made pouches Our ambition Customer services

High-performance pouch fill and seal machines

Linear pouch fill and seal machines

Linear pouch intermittent fill and seal machines in multi-lane design for pre-made stand-up pouches.
Pouch Partners has more than 50 years of experience in the pouch business as machine manufacturers and as operators of the machines in our own production.

Rotary pouch fill and seal machines

Continuously working filling machine for spouted pouches.

Pouch Partners offer high-speed machines with high-quality and robust construction.

Foil printing and laminates

High-quality printing and laminates

The very high printing quality, which marks our products, is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of our production equipment.

We print with rotogravure technology up to 10 colours, to a width of 1400mm at a maximum speed of 600m/min.

We laminate with solvent-based and solvent-less technologies to provide our customer with duplex, triplex and quadruplex structures to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Pre-made pouches

Stand-up pouch/Doypack
Perfect packaging for individual demands

The stand up pouch is the perfect solution for food and pet food as well as non-food products. It can be manufactured with different material combinations and versatile technical features. We can deliver against various needs, such as sterilisation proof and microwave-resistant solutions.

Spouted stand-up pouch
Comfortable pouring through dosing nozzles.

The spouted pouch is the standard pouch combined with a dosing nozzle. This allows comfortable pouring and resealing. This pouch type is suited for products such as fruit puree or salad dressing as well as non-food products such as detergent.

Our ambition

Future concepts

At Pouch Partners we think ahead of time. Therefore with high-quality, flexible, and future-oriented concepts, we efficiently guarantee our customers’ sustained success.

Whereas our existing linear and rotary fill and seal machines are high-end and high output solutions, we aim to add a machine line to our portfolio that meets your needs on lower volume output. We will keep you posted on our journey to become the fastest growing global  Stand Up Pouch Specialist in order to be able to meet your requirements throughout your chain.

Customer services

Full-service partner

We are your full-service partner. We plan and build machines. Our service starts before installation delivery and goes beyond setup.
Due to our professional and experienced support team, our customers can rely on us during the various implementation stages and also afterward. Our after-sales service ensures a smooth running production.

We maintain long and close relationships with our affiliates, enabling us to offer customers expert advice and additional services for the entire value chain.

Our services are: 

» Technological planning
» Support with new concepts, production expansions, and modernizations
» Engineering
» Planning production processes and comprehensive solutions
» Installation and construction
» Delivery and proper set-up of complete installations» Commissioning
» Service from installation up to production support» Employee training
» Qualified training for your employees before, during and after set-up
» Fast and flexible support

We are happy to discuss any other service need from your side.

A true value chain

» We offer any quality type as well as our true specialty: high-quality pouches to protect your complex products such as wet foods and wet pet foods.
» Multiple foil types such as green bio-based, sterilisable, aluminum-free.
» Flexible-packaging formats according to your needs.
» No- or central-spout pouches.
» Flexible technologies from high-performance machines to lower-speed / lower-production volumes.

Solutions and Technologies
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