Our Identity & Values

At Pouch Partners we believe that pouches are the packaging solution of the future. It all started 50 years ago, when we created the most significant trademark for Capri Sun, the stand-up pouch. This is what Capri Sun is famous for and people all around the world recognise. We are building on our unique heritage and keep evolving the value proposition to create a better pouch packaging system for the global market.

Our core values define our corporate culture and therefore our work and behaviour. They form the base of our internal and external actions and ensure mutual respect and a harmonic working environment.


We keep things simple as it gives clarity and speed. „Less is more“ and simple messaging is the most powerful one. We don't indulge in intellectualization and jargon. We strive for efficiency and eliminate unnecessary process and waste.


We think and act as owners and have a „can do“ attitude. We put our customer always first and look for ways to achieve the goals we set. We take charge and don't wait for others to do so. We take decisions and are not afraid to fail as we learn from our mistakes.


We constantly raise the bar and look for ways to do better. We believe in innovation and technology to help us reach our goals. We develop the capabilities and expertise of our people. We recognize and reward high performance.


We say what we do and do what we say. We are honest, transparent and respectful to all. We speak up if others don't and provide fair feedback to each other, as we believe it is a gift and will help improve results.


We believe we are stronger if we work together. Hard work and fun is what defines us. We look to eliminate internal barriers and work towards common and aligned goals to reach our global vision.

Our Vision

Our vision, "build a global and sustainable total pouch solution company" , is what drives our company. It defines our role in society and forms a common goal within Pouch Partners.

Our Mission

At Pouch Partners, we believe that a pouch, is the most compact, convenient and nice to touch and handle pack format in the world and that it is fit for the future!
As pioneers, we are constantly looking for the best ways to offer our customers a total packaging solution, offering the highest quality and efficiency at the lowest cost. We provide the hardware (machinery and process technology) and the software (foils and pouches) to make our customers win in the marketplace.

This includes sustainable packaging material as well as machine solutions while staying efficient and economical. There’s no single direction towards sustainability. It’s about finding the best solution for our customers. As a packaging company, we pledge to develop all our packaging to be recyclable or reusable. Our innovate solutions contribute to a circular economy.

Our commitment to innovation, understanding of consumer needs and our company's supplier relationships ensure that we can provide these solutions anytime, anywhere.

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise, PRODUCE POUCHES THAT CONSUMERS LOVE, SUSTAINABLY AND ECONOMICALLY, defines who we are and influences our individual approach and communication, internally and externally. We are committed to providing products and service with added value.

Our Integrated Pouch Solution

We cover every step in the value chain of pouch packaging. These include foil printing and lamination along with pouch development and pouch making, high-quality filling and packaging machines as well as secondary packaging and services such as training and support.
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Over 50 years of experience

Every year, Pouch Partners’ supports in creating over 7 billion pouches worldwide. Our customers benefit from over 50 years of experience in the production of stand-up pouches. As pioneers, we are constantly looking for the best ways to offer comprehensive and sustainable pouch packaging solutions that deliver the highest quality and efficiency. Because our customers’ success is our success.
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