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Whether it is beverages, food, pet food or other industries, these brands have utilized the incredible benefits a pouch offers in regard to marketing, production efficiencies and much more!
Capri-Sun -Logo and Pouch

Capri Sun

We have been supplying Capri-Sun with pouches and machines for over 50 years. Their portfolio includes un-spouted and spouted juice drinks and nectars in 200ml and 330ml stand-up pouches. Our high speed machines and innovative laminates have allowed the brand to expand and become the number one kids juice brand globally. The success story of Capri Sun is our success story and we are proud to be a part of the 7 billion smiles they provide annually.
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La Normandise -Logo and Pouch

Normandise Pet food

Based in France, La Normandise is a manufacturing and packaging plant specialized in the contract manufacture of highly nutritious wet and dry food products for dogs and cats and is Nr.1 of French pouches makers under "retailer's brand" (3rd European rank). La Normandise has been a user of Pouch Partners machines and pouches since 2014 and sells more than 500 million pouches of cat food a year, the pouches are sold in over 70 countries
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Materne - Logo and Pouch

Materne (MOM Group)

Materne is part of the large MOM group, known all around the world and market leader for its fruit purees. Materne has been using our packaging for their pouches for over 10 years. Our film and laminates are the perfect material for Materne’s on the go products made for parents and children.
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Spreewaldhof - Logo and pouch


Spreewaldhof is a company based in Germany, well known for its pickles, cabbages, apple sauces and fruit purees and has been a great partner of Pouch Partners for more than 10 years. Spreewaldhof uses our machines, pouches and foil to supply the market with high quality ingredients and products from their 400g cabbage pouches to their 100g spouted pouches for ready to drink fruit purees.
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Madel: Winni's -Logo and Pouch


Since 1977, Madel has been offering Cleaning and personal care products through their four distinct brands: Winni, Pulirapid,Smacchio Tutti and Disinfekto. Pouch Partners is a key supplier of laminate for Winnies, which features 500ml, 1250ml and 1500ml pouches with spout.  CIRCflex our recyclable film is actually in market supporting Winnies flagship laundry detergent as a sustainable option.
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Coroos- Logo and Pouch


Coroos is a company based in the Netherlands and have been leaders in preserving vegetables, fruits and pulses in the European market since 1957. Coroos’s own and private label brands get printed foil delivered from our facility to be distributed all around Europe. They have been our partners for flexible laminates for more than 10 years.
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