The Newcomer

Thinking about putting your product into pouches? Then Pouch Partners is for you- we offer a fully integrated pouch packaging solution with in-house printing for easy design delivery and proofing, turn-key filling and sealing lines and the best customer service!

The Engineer

Our company is approaching 60 years of age and we have been optimizing and improving our production processes since day one. Our machines and flexible solutions offer the highest efficiency and reliability on the market.

The Marketer or Sales professional

Pouches are perfect for all types of consumers in all types of retail shelves. It is easy to hold, perfect for on the go, offers spouted or non-spouted options, stands out on the shelves and is cheaper to transport. Our pouches are also the most environmentally friendly packaging on the market.

The Green consumer or producer

Going green in today’s climate is the right decision. Studies show consumers prefer eco-friendly products over others and we are happy to offer a recyclable version of our pouch with the same favourable characteristics of the standard version.