Pouch Partners is part of the Capri Sun Group, which is the owner of the iconic beverage Capri-Sun. The first Capri-Sun pouch was launched in 1969 and has since then grown to be the number 1 kids drink brand in the world. Today, Capri-Sun is the most popular kids drink worldwide and is available in more than 110 countries.

The unique combination of machine, packaging and beverage has created an unbeatable brand that has revolutionized the world. Today, we continue this successful tradition by providing our filling lines and pouches to Capri Sun and its license partners all over the world.

We are proud to be part of the Capri Sun family and to contribute to the vision to be the most sustainable kids juice brand in the world.
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We have a mission

We cover every step of the value chain of pouch packaging. Success in the food and beverage industry depends on sustainability.
Learn how we can help you build a sustainable reputation.
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Customer Cases

We have customers around the world, taking advantage of our entire value chain or just key competences. Maybe you can recognize some of the iconic pouches we help produce!
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Long history

We are more than 50 years old, producing over 7 billion pouches annually in over 100 countries. Find out how we got here!
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