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Pouches are the future. No other type of packaging has seen a stronger growth in the market. This trend will continue and intensify in the future. Pouches provide many advantages over other types of packaging for manufacturers and consumers.
Drive growth and profitability with our unique selection of Pouch Partners’ pre-made pouches by delivering consumer convenience with lightweight, easy-to-use and recyclable pouches. Choose from a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials and finishes to enhance your brand’s expression. Stand out on the shelf with the opportunity to customize your product and to boost your products image. Popular options include stand-up pouches with spouts or transparent film, so consumers can actually see the quality of your product. Reduce carbon footprint through more efficient shipping and warehouse storage.

Reshape your brand for new opportunities!
Our Company is committed to progressively reduce the environmental impact of the product and its production processes. This activity is compatible with the business targets of the company. We actively co-operate with our business partners and support them in improving the sustainability of their products.

Material Selection

  • Bio-based packaging

    Pouch Partners is commited to sustainability and aim to improve the environmental impact of its products and manufacturing process. Bio-based packaging is a perfect and sustainable alternative

    ➜ Improved LCA, reducing CO2-impact
    ➜ Unchanged performance on the packaging line
    ➜ Excellent printability
    ➜ Sustainable costs

  • Aluminium-free / transparent packaging

    Modern flexible packaging must protect the product throughout its shelf-life while ensuring its visibility. The Alu-free material represents an eco-friendly solution, which improves the environmental impact of the packaging while protecting the integrity of the food.

    ➜ Long-lasting shelf life without loss of vitamins or flavour
    ➜ High transparency of the foil
    ➜ Retortability and microwaveability of the foil
    ➜ Excellent printability on the barriered coating

  • Aluminium packaging

    Our Aluminum-plastic packaging can be laminated to up to four layers and can be tailor-made to fit your barrier requirements. The combination of plastic and aluminum offers fantastic protection characteristics like no other packaging format and allows your product to stay natural and fresh for longer even under the harshest conditions.

    ➜ High thermal resistance
    ➜ Stability barrier level
    ➜ Retortability
    ➜ High chemical resistance
    ➜ High sealing resistance
    ➜ Hot filling resistance
    ➜ Suitable for spout applications

  • Sterilisable packaging

    We offer a wide range of retortable packaging solutions to our customers. Thanks to a fully controlled production process, our foils can resist all sterilisation conditions. We can produce retortable packaging tailored to many process conditions.

    ➜High and stable adhesion force after sterilisation
    ➜Excellent sealability performance under most critical conditions
    ➜High drop and burst resistance
    ➜Good hot tack for large sizes
    ➜High barrier properties

  • Industrial and chemical packaging

    Flexible packaging can fulfill many requirements, even in case of large sizes and very challenging characteristics of the content.

    ➜ Highest mechanical properties of the films to resist stresses
    ➜ Hot tack for large sizes
    ➜ Drop and burst resistance
    ➜ Resistance in case of chemically aggressive product
    ➜ High barrier properties

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