The concept behind our rotary filling machines is unique. It is based on the “neck-handling” common in the beverage industry, with continuous-motion technology. This allows for high output and flexibility of sizes while also reducing wear when filling spouted pouches. The combination of separate feeding of pouch, spout, and cap, and filling through the spout, makes Pouch Partners’ technology uniquely cost-efficient at the highest quality.

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Product viscosityLiquids, solids
Machine typeContinuous run, 40x welding, 20x filling and 10x dosing stations
Output performanceStandard up to 240ppm, depending on product and pouch size
Filling volume50-500g
Pouch sizesWidth: 80-110mm/Heigth: 110-180mm
Type of SealSpout and cap designs/dimensions are flexible, but to be determined at the beginning of a project

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  • 330ml Capri Sun Pouches
  • 330ml Capri Sun Pouches
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  • rotary fill machines capri sun detail


  • Format flexibility

    Size and shape of the pouch and spout can be defined as needed.

  • High Product quality and consumer satisfaction

    The visual inspection provides you with improved quality controls for high-quality packaging of your goods. In-line pouch-spout assembly is supported by spout cleaning after filling. Integrated CIP/SIP improves product quality by reducing risks of contamination in the seal area.

  • Reduced Operational costs

    Continuous motion is a smooth, constant movement leading to reduced operational costs. Less than one operator needed per machine.

  • Recycle Ready

    Our rotary filler is ready to fill mono-material, recyclable spouted pouches! No matter the shape, size or material, you can expect high efficiency filling with little waste.

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