Pouch Partners’ linear filling machines fill and seal standard premade pouches with high output and efficiency. The modular design of the units allows for product-specific combinations of different dosing steps, without loss of performance or efficiency whether liquid or chunky product viscosities. The ultrasound sealing guarantees secure and high-quality sealing of the pouch. All this allows for a more agile, easier and smarter production process.
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Product viscosityPulp & fiber free non sparkling beverage for hot-fill
Machine type12 lane intermittent linear filling machine
Output performanceUp to 396 ppm
Pouch sizesMono format, 76 / 87 / 100 x 144.5 x 64 mm (w x l x h)
Type of SealUltrasonic sealing technology or Heat sealing


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  • Format Flexibility

    Flexible format production offers various production runs (types, shapes and formats) at the same machine, improving your flexibility

  • Highly Innovative

    Ultrasonic sealing technology enables to produce with absolutely tight seals, high output and reduced leakage rate, leading to improved consumer satisfaction.

  • Low operational costs

    Our tray transport system allows for safe pouch handling and the highest reliability during production. Only one operator is needed per machine.

  • Recycle Ready

    We have developed a version of our filler that can handle mono-material, recyclabe pouches to be filled. You can expect same output and quality.

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