Our Total Pouch Solution

At Pouch Partners we aim to make your production more agile, easier and smarter. Our value chain helps leading brands to deliver their products in the best possible way . We cooperate throughout value chains in many markets to provide sustainable solutions. Pouch Partners' solution covers the entire spectrum, which enables us to be efficient and economical. Our customers can take advantage of many synergies within their process chain.

Every year, Pouch Partners’ machines process over seven billion stand-up pouches worldwide. Our customers benefit from over five decades of experience in the production of stand-up pouches. As pioneers, we are looking for the best way to offer comprehensive pouch packaging solutions, that deliver the highest quality and efficiency.

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  • Foil Printing and lamination

    The very high printing quality, which marks our products, is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of our production equipment. We print with rotogravure technology up to 10 colours, to a width of 1400mm at a maximum speed of 600m/min. We laminate with solvent-based and solvent-less technologies to provide our customer with duplex, triplex and quadruplex structures to guarantee the highest quality standards.

  • Pre-made pouches

    We currently offer 2 types of packaging solutions: the standard stand-up pouch/doypack and the spouted stand-up pouch. The stand-up pouch is the perfect solution for food, beverages and pet food as well as non-food products. It can be manufactured with different material combinations and versatile technical features. We can deliver against various needs, such as sterilisation proof and microwave-resistant solutions.The spouted pouch is the standard pouch combined with a dosing nozzle. This allows comfortable pouring and resealing. This pouch type is suited for products such as fruit puree, beverages ,salad dressing as well as non-food products such as detergent.

  • Pouch fill and seal machines

    Our tailor-made and high-efficient solutions provide the highest level of precision, safety, reliability, and usability; as well as low maintenance combined with long service life. Pouch Partners filling machines are efficient from installation to operation and maintenance. We offer 2 types of filling machines: linear fill and seal machines and rotary fill and seal machines for spouted pouches.

  • Customer service

    We are your full-service partner. Our service starts before installation delivery and goes beyond setup. Due to our professional and experienced support team, our customers can rely on us during the various implementation stages and also afterwards. Our after-sales service ensures a smooth running production. We maintain long and close relationships with our affiliates, enabling us to offer customers expert advice and additional services for the entire value chain.

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