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Purpose, no offer

The Pouch Partners Websites and their entire contents, such as electronic files with text, data, pictures, graphics, logos, sound, animation or video, indices, databases, lists and other items and information which are hosted on the Pouch Partners Websites (“contents”), serve solely for informational purposes. The contents do not represent any offer, any advertisement or any recommendation by Pouch Partners AG for the conclusion of business or execution of legal transactions, nor do they replace any professional advice or scrutiny of facts in the individual case prior to making a decision.

Industrial property rights

The contents and structure of the Pouch Partners Website are governed by copyrights, brand trademarks, data protection, other property rights, and other rights. All brand trademarks, service brands and trade-name designations on the Pouch Partners Websites are the property of Pouch Partners AG or are licensed to Pouch Partners AG.

You may use individual pages and sections of the Pouch Partners Websites solely for private and internal, non-commercial use, and you may print them out, providing that these print-outs and downloads display references to the copyright or other property right in question. Without the prior written permission of Pouch Partners AG you must not in particular change, copy, download, print out, transmit, disseminate, display, duplicate or publish the contents, insert them onto other sites, create works derived from them, or use them publicly or commercially in any other way. Subject to the above, you shall be granted no license and no rights with regard to copyrights, brand trademarks, patents, operating secrets, technologies, products, processes or other property rights of Pouch Partners AG or Third Parties.

Exclusion of guarantee

The contents are supplied by Pouch Partners AG “in their actual state” and “as available”, without express or tacit guarantees or warranties of any kind, in particular any guarantee of current validity, quality, reliability, material accuracy, completeness, merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, or as regards technical accessibility, suitability or faultlessness of the Pouch Partners Websites, or of non-breach of rights of Third Parties by your use of the said contents. In particular, the technical data of the products and services hosted on the Pouch Partners Websites are not expressly guaranteed characteristics.

The contents may be changed at any time. A reference to a product or service shall not mean that this product or this service is or will remain available at your location.

Exclusion of liability

Insofar as the law allows, Pouch Partners AG shall not be liable for losses or outages (including particularly data loss, production outage, loss of orders, loss of profit, loss of anticipated savings or loss of goodwill), claims by Third Parties, costs, expenses and other direct or indirect, contingent, consequential losses and fines of any kind, irrespective of their legal grounds, arising from or in connection with the access, use or impossibility of use, the downloading or impossibility of utilization of the contents, or from errors, material inaccuracies or omissions in the said contents.


Insofar as the Pouch Partners Websites refer to websites of Third Parties, Pouch Partners AG hereby undertakes no responsibility for the contents of these websites or their use and undertakes no guarantees or warranties for the contents of such websites and their utilization. Links to the websites of Third Parties are only supplied by way of courtesy and for information. Pouch Partners AG hereby excludes any and all liability for the contents and websites of Third Parties and websites which are linked with the Pouch Partners Websites, or which display the Pouch Partners Websites through scraping or framing etc.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Subject to compulsory legal provisions, use of the Pouch Partners Websites shall be governed by Swiss Law. The proper courts in Zug (Switzerland) shall be solely competent to hear any disputes arising from or in connection with these conditions.

June 2020