Pouch Partners’ machines of the future are our commitment to provide a sustainable flexible packaging technology for our customers around the world. These machine innovations are a very important addition to our portfolio to meet customer needs and market requirements for sustainability - combining mono-material film structures with recyclable properties. This difficult task has been achieved thanks to the outstanding ability of Pouch Partners’ machines to adjust the key parameters of temperature, time and pressure to achieve excellent sealing quality of recyclable pouches. Thanks to our integrated total pouch solution, we are experts in each specific segment of the value chain to promote and accelerate the process and anticipate market requirements.
Our integrated total pouch solution is a perfect example of how we not only guarantee the best OEE of machines and the lowest total cost of ownership of the packaging unit, but also enable our customers to design and select recyclable packing solutions, and therefore building a recycling value chain.

The environmental benefits of Pouch Partners’ machines

  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Energetic efficiency
  • The increased competitiveness of Pouch Partners’ flexible packaging machines is consistent with our commitment with sustainability. By optimizing power consumption and a reducing waste, we have a positive effect on productivity and achieve important savings during the production cycle
  • The state-of-the-art technology in Pouch Partners’ machines makes them to be the most sustainable in the market, enabling you on your journey towards a circular economy
  • An improved OEE compared to rigid filling equipment—meaning an improved total cost of ownership with less waste in the production of your packaged goods
  • Thorough support from idea to execution from our engineer and field technicians