Rotary Piston Pump

Our pumps enable particularly gentle and smooth conveying and dosing of high-viscose products and products with chunks and particles. Their performance and hygienic design as well as wide range of capacities make them usable not only in/for the entire food and beverage industry/ production but also for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
MS A QK 150-30 (10)

Dynamic Mixer

The dynamic mixer gently and homogeneously stirs yogurt, cream cheese or other high viscose products with fruit preparations herbs or other ingredients without destroying the texture and nature of the product.
Pic_Motiv 3_0917

Dosing and mixing unit

The dosing system for high viscose products is designed for the preparation of stirred fruit yogurts, cream cheese with different flavors. Its high hygienic design and its high accurate dosing results make it a perfect solution for the dairy industry.