Mixing and dosing systems

Over 50 years ago, Pouch Partners invented the first ever automated mixing system. Today we offer inline and batch mixers with modular design to reach product specific requirements. Our target is to give our customer a constant high-quality production with highest mixing and blending accuracy. Different automation and control levels according to capacity, customer and legal requirements are available for all machines.

Process Equipment

Our Process Technology supplies all required machinery to produce beverages from standardized ingredients. These include sugar dissolvers in batch or continuous mode, pasteurizers for beverage compounds or final drinks, de-aeration systems, tank systems for ingredient handling or sterile beverage buffers, CIP and SIP units. Our modular product range can combine the different steps to create customized complete syrup rooms that are also offered as turn-key solutions. Control systems can range from simple touch panels to comprehensive server - and IPC based high-end solutions with automatic traceability of ingredients.

Pumps and mixing

The rotary piston pumps from Pouch Partners allow particularly gentle pumping and dosing of low-viscous, pasty, highly-viscosity or chunky products with the highest possible efficiency and independent of the direction of rotation. The pump can be used in applications throughout the beverage and food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Operations Director Process Technology


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