Pouches are becoming increasingly important for pet food. Therefore, Pouch Partners presented itself at the Petfood Forum in Kansas City this year. Rachid Cherradi, Sales Director Pouch Partners Machinery, explains why pouch packaging is so suitable for pet food.

Q: How was the response at the fair?

A: The response was exceptionally good. We made a lot of new contacts and talked about the development of the US petfood market.

 Q: What was the focus for Pouch Partners during the Petfood Forum?

A: To switch from large-format metal packaging, which is still common in the pet food industry, to small flexible packaging might be a demanding process. However, with the sale of wet pet food via e-commerce gaining popularity and having grown by 20% so far, manufacturers of wet pet food cannot neglect to redesign their packaging and move to other formats and types of packaging. And this is where pouch packaging comes in.

Q: How can Pouch Partners support this process?

A: Pouches not only preserve the quality but also the sensitive aromas of pet food. They are protective, flexible and even unbreakable. Therefore pouches provide all the features required in wet pet food packaging. With Pouch Partnersmanufacturers of pet food also benefits from more than five decades of experience in the production of stand-up pouches, tailored to the specific needs of the customers – no matter which format or size.

Q: What detailed solutions did Pouch Partners present at Petfood Forum?

A: It was important to Pouch Partners not only to present our products but also to highlight our services and know-how. For this reason, in addition to premade pouches, we also presented solutions in the field of filling and sealing technology.

Q: What is the key message Pouch Partners wants to send with the participation at Petfood Forum?

A: Short and simple: Pouch Partners is present in the US market with the excellent technology and a great concept of pouch systems.