Flexible packaging products

Pouch Partners Flexible Packaging has set the improvement of the environmental impact of its products and manufacturing process as a main priority. The bio-based green foil represents an eco-friendly packaging solution based on renewable sources, and able to guarantee the same performance as the standard foil.

Green bio-based packaging

Key benefits
  • The same laminate composition as standard packaging
  • Unchanged performance on the packaging line
  • Comparable sealability properties
  • Improved LCA, reducing CO2-impact
  • Sustainable costs


Modern flexible packaging must protect the product throughout its shelf-life while ensuring its visibility. The Alu-free material represents an eco-friendly solution, which improves the environmental impact of the packaging while protecting the integrity of the food. We can tailor-make Alu-free foils to meet specific needs such as barrier requirements.

Aluminium-free/transparent packaging

Key benefits
  • Stability of the barrier level
  • Adequate protection of the barriered layer
  • Excellent printability on the barriered coating
  • High transparency of the foil
  • Retortability and microwaveability of the foil


Package recyclability is a major driving factor affecting purchasing decisions for manufacturers and customers.
To meet the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging, we developed different structures made with one prevalent raw material such as polypropylene or polyethylene. These structures show performances almost equivalent to multi-material films without any investment requirements in new filling technology. They are also easier to be recycled, hence a better option for the environment.

Mono-material packaging

Key benefits
  • Reduced energy consumption and environmental impact by introducing reusable raw materials
  • Easy sorting with the external material as the prevalent material
  • Advanced sealing properties matching the seal strength of standard materials
  • Almost unchanged performance on the packaging line
  • Excellent printability
  • Stability of the barrier level


Flexible packaging can fulfill many requirements, even in case of large sizes and very challenging characteristics of the content.

Industrial and chemical packaging

Key benefits
  • Highest mechanical properties of the films to resist stresses
  • Hot tack for large sizes
  • Drop and burst resistance
  • Resistance in case of chemically aggressive product
  • High barrier properties


We offer a wide range of retortable packaging solutions to our customers. Thanks to a fully controlled production process, our foils can resist all sterilisation conditions. We can produce retortable packaging tailored to many process conditions.

Sterilisable packaging

Key benefits
  • High and stable adhesion force after sterilisation
  • Excellent sealability performance under most critical conditions
  • High drop and burst resistance
  • Good hot tack for large sizes
  • High barrier properties