Rotary fill and seal machines

Cost-efficient with highest quality

The concept behind our rotary filling machines is unique. It is based on the “neck-handling” common in the beverage industry, with continuous-motion technology. This allows for optimum speed and flexibility of sizes at the same time, with minimum wear when filling spouted pouches. The combination of separate feeding of pouch, spout, and cap, and filling through the spout, makes Pouch Partners’ technology uniquely cost-efficient at the highest quality.


Product viscosityLiquid, solid
Machine typeContinuous run, 40x welding, 20x filling and 10x dosing stations
Output performanceStandard up to 240ppm, depending on product and pouch size
Filling volume50-500g
Pouch sizesWidth: 80-110mm/Height: 110-180mm
Type of seal (spout, tear-off, straw, zipper …)Spout and cap designs/dimensions are flexible, but to be determined
at the beginning of a project

Benefits of using our rotary pouch fill and seal machines