Linear fill and seal machines

High output and efficiency

Pouch Partners’ linear filling machines fill and seal standard pouches with high output and efficiency.The modular design of the units allows for product-specific combinations of different dosing steps, without loss of performance or efficiency whether liquid or chunky product viscosities. The ultrasound sealing guarantees secure and high-quality sealing of the pouch.


Product viscosityLiquids, chunks, solids
Machine type8 or 12 lanes
Output performanceStandard 240-456ppm, depending on product and pouch size
Filling volume75-800g
Pouch sizesWidth: 80-150mm/Heigth: 110-250mm
Ultrasonic sealing technology
Heat seal
No spout solution in this format

Benefits of using our linear pouch fill and seal machines

Watch the linear fill and seal process